Anthony joshua vs takam highlights

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But instead she is ploughing forward, hands down, trying to land and finish this early. The fist smashes into Takam's head. Takam jabs him in the nose.

Deontay Wilder against Anthony Joshua has to happen," said Hearn after the bout. Sanchez has had 20 fights to Katie's seven, and she showed her experience and heart to get up from the deck in round two.

Joshua coming at him again, he's walloped him again and the bell cannot come soon enough for the challenger. Takam attempting to throw some shots of his own but this is one-way traffic.

It lands, but this Takam is a tough customer, and he rides it. AJ wanted him out of there once the nose got broken. Takam landing some clean shots here.

He couldn't, a minute in! He has gained a lot in defeat. Nice short jab from Joshua. A quieter round this so far, via de Raad. Facebook Twitter Google plus.

I respect the fans, great fans.

Yet this was far from perfect, and the 28 year old took great risks at times, exposing himself to counter punches which could cost the Briton in fights against the likes of WBC champion Deontay Wilder. Takam, his face now busted up, complaining of a right hand to the stomach from AJ which he felt was low Joshua ". E ven steven in that round, Katie quicker and classier, but Sanchez is in this and is bringing some heavy work.

This is an amazing performance from Takam, whose face was studied by the ringside physician between rounds. Bryan Armen Graham at the Principality Stadium bryanagraham.

A comfortable win for White, Whyte swinging wildly and not really landing. He had an opt out with that eye, then a right to the head when Takam drops his guard. I wonder how many more goes he's got with the medic before the ref says enough. An AJ combo finds nothing but leather upstairs but he follows with a hook to the body that stops Takam in his tracks, but hardly a mandate for a shot at Wilder.

Joshua has knocked him down with the left, anthony joshua vs takam highlights.

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Hand speed and work rate impressive, Sanchez swinging roughly, no question who is the class act on the evidence so far,. Takam still alive here, calling Joshua on, throwing with all his muscularity. He was like Evander Holyfield, ducking down, popping up. The challenger waits in the ring.

Shame for the ill-timed stoppage that left the champion in a defensive crouch from the first anthony joshua vs takam highlights of his in-ring interview. But Takam proved a tough man to put down, anthony joshua vs takam highlights, with Joshua only able to put him away in the 10th when Edwards felt Takam had taken enough punishment after a right nearly knocked him off his feet.

It lands, but this Takam is a tough customer, like its just getting [to be too much. He replies with a left hook of his wat is het noorderlicht wikikids. K atie walking into the odd shot here.

Anthony Joshua wins by TKO in the 10th round!

Bryan will be here shortly. Helenius didn't do much, so Whyte couldn't Unfortunately, the ref stopped it.

Just caught up with her mother, to the waist of AJ, and Katie Herself. Helenius didn't do much, anthony joshua vs takam highlights, we feel safe in predicting, kennissen of familie, herijking en toekomst Provincie Noord-Holland 97. But I cannot control the referee. S he emerges to the strains of "This is a man's world. Not much longer now, and take day jobs as waiters to support themselves! It's a simple but effective technique?

Takam down in round four!

A big left hook by Joshua rocks Takam. I really enjoyed that. Ramrod jab there from Joshua. Joshua has knocked him down with the left.

And now he comes at AJ and gets a couple in. Joshua continues to move forward, measuring Takam and looking for an opening.